Refund Policy/ Return Policy

Recently delivered, packaged merchandise we offered can be returned within 90 days of making the purchase, unless mentioned in our Return Policy criteria. If you use your debit card, credit card, online banking or mobile wallet to make the purchase from us, you can expect to get full refund within a year from the date of purchase and the refunded amount will be reflected on the original form of your payment mode.

We reserve the right to decide how to issue your refund. Whether we refund you in cash or credit it to your credit card or bank account, you can get the amount as exactly as you are deserved to get. Refunds will be issued post submission and verification of original sales receipts.

If in case you lost your sales receipt, you are recommended to recover it from our system. We keep sales receipts of our customers on our secure server, however, you can access your one within 365 days of making the purchase.

We also refund you shipping charges if we find your request for return of your purchase is based on a fault we committed while selling or delivering your product.

Make sure to send a copy of your sales receipt or shipping confirmation email to us along with account details for verification. All refunds/returns are subject to verification system approval.

We have a customer care team that shoulders the responsibility to help you receive a full refund provided that your request is genuine and adhered to the rules drafted in our return/refund policy.

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